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"Diversity is being invited, inclusion is being asked to dance" - Verna Myers

We did a thought meeting last week as a team regarding EDI and how we perceive it, how we practice it, and how we can encourage it within our work. We all have our reasons and stories, and I’ll admit as a female it’s something I have a real passion for. I’m not perfect when it comes to D&I, I lack awareness of some situations, and I’m open to being challenged and questioned on this to see and understand things from a different narrative. I am also aware of the privileges I have in many aspects of my life compared to others.

The older I’ve got, I’m not old I know - but from my own experiences and from growing my career in many organisations in many different countries, I've seen how important D&I is and I LOVE how it’s getting the voice it deserves!

I regularly have conversations with friends and peers regarding decisions they’ve made in their life whether it be personal or professional relating to being more aware of EDI. Discussions sometimes turn to debates and they have educated me to understand things from a different narrative, broadening my knowledge and in turn growing my passion to drive this in many aspects of my personal and professional life.

I love the space that I work in because it's huge and it's something that everyone I speak to is passionate about. Over my years in recruitment, I have heard and witnessed some horrific stories, sadly there is a bias that lives in some people's minds and all we can do is try and change that.

The world has changed and people are now more aware that being inclusive on many levels that go beyond the standard need to be made.


I’ve been reading some articles recently about people in the workforce and how companies are driving their people focus forward with more force and understanding of being more inclusive - This is what we need to see! We’re all human, made differently, made special, and made to offer something that not everyone can.

The latest McKinsey research shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to notice higher financial returns. Deloitte also quote that millennials are 83% more likely to be engaged at work at inclusive companies.

A way to help drive diversity could be to follow in the footsteps of Intel. They have implemented a requirement to have interview panels made up of at least two women or members from an under represented background. Within two years of this, Intel saw diversity grow in hires by 41% in two years.


I’d like to endeavour to do better at ensuring inclusivity , to help elevate women in the workplace, to do my part to create an even playing field through my work, and to aid diverse representation when it comes to my searches while also calling out discrimination!


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